Judging by public protest and the extensive literature, it would be reasonable to conclude that implementation of the EUTR in Romania is at best weak (in relation both to roundwood production and to imports - from Ukraine and to a lesser extent China). Perhaps because implementing the EUTR is a competence of EU Member States, the EC has shown little interest (despite the risk that the situation in Romania undermines the EC's FLEGT Action Plan. This webpage provides insights into the supply to, within and from Romania of products which are currently within the scope of the EUTR.

Romania's production and trade of wood-based products
based on Eurostat (excluding data for Poland prior to 05 2004) for trade and FAO for production  
Romania is clearly and increasingly a net exporter of timber (mainly as sawn wood, also as panels at least some of whose wood raw material derives from saw mills[-])

Romania's imports of logs and sawnwood from coniferous species
based on Eurostat  
The great majority of the logs which Romania imports derive from coniferous tree species. The surge in imports of logs from Ukraine is most unlikely to be either legal or from sustainably managed sources.  The surge coincides with increased activity in Ukraine by affiliates of one of the leading and most controversial timber companies operating in Romania.[-]
EUTR focus - imports of logs (& sawn wood) from Ukraine
(including from near Chernobyl [-] and despite state-ownership[-] of most forest land)

Romania's imports of logs from non-conferous species
based on Eurostat  
Ukraine has prohibited the export of logs from non-coniferous species since 11 2015.  Without seeming to consider the legality and sustainability [-] [-] [-] [-] [p1] [-] [-] of the supply chains affected by this ban (or the virtual absence of relevant policy[p xi]), but nevertheless demanding [-] free-trade, the EC has threatened to delay the provision of a large quantity of financial support if the ban is not lifted.[-] [-]
EUTR focus - imports other than of beech from Ukraine, especially oak (given its price and the range of produts into which it is likely to be transformed). 


Romania's exports of logs
based on Eurostat (excluding data for Poland prior to 05 2004)   
EUTR focus - production for export to China, especially coniferous species, oak and beech

Romania's exports of sawnwood
based on Eurostat (excluding data for Poland prior to 05 2004)   
EUTR focus - production for export to destinations which do not prohibit illegal sawnwood - particularly coniferous species to Japan and the Middle East, and beech to China and Egypt.

EU imports of logs and sawnwood from Romania - coniferous
based on Eurostat  
Imports by Austria account for 50% of the volumes currently being imported. Austria's Competent Authority (for the EUTR) is presumably liaising extensively with its counterpart in Romania, given widespread allegations of complicity in illegal supplies to mills controlled by an Austrian enterprise.[-]
EUTR focus - sawn wood (not logs) in Austria, Czech Republic, Greece,  Hungary and Italy.


EU imports of logs and sawnwood from Romania - oak and beech
based on Eurostat  
EUTR focus - sawn oak (in Austria, France, Hungary and Italy), sawn beech (in France and Italy), oak logs (in Hungary)

 Romania's exports of products which might be used as fuel wood
based on Eurostat  
EUTR focus - supplies of pellets to Austria and Italy

A number of the wood-based product companies which have mills in Slovakia are based elsewhere. [-] [-][p10] [- and -].

Little recent information concerning illegal production of wood-based products in Slovakia appears to be available.  However, such production (including corruption) seems to have been quite widespread last decade.[-] ["Random harvesting" pp6-7]  FSC-certification in Slovakia has been controversial[-] and there does not appear to be any PEFC-certified woodland.

The auctioning of logs deriving from woodland that is not owned by the state appears to be common.[-]

Log production and exports surged during 2005, in the aftermath of a major storm.[p6]